What are the advantages of composite wear-resistant liners?

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The thickness of composite wear-resistant liner is 3-12mm, and the hardness of the wear-resistant layer can reach HRC58-62. The wear-resistant performance is more than 15-20 times that of the ordinary steel plate, 5-10 times that of the low alloy steel plate, and 2-5 times that of the high chromium cast iron. Wear-resistant performance is much higher than spray welding and thermal spraying.

The advantages of composite wear-resistant liners are as follows:

1. High wear resistance

Composite wear-resistant liner plate wear layer thickness of 3-12mm, wear-resistant layer hardness up to HRC58-62. Wear-resistant performance is more than 15-20 times that of ordinary steel plate, 5-10 times that of low alloy steel plate, and 2-5 times that of high chrome cast iron. Wear resistance is much higher than spray welding and thermal spraying.

2. Good impact performance

The composite wear-resistant liner is a double-layer metal structure. The wear-resistant layer is metallurgically bonded to the base material with high bonding strength. In the process of impact absorption of energy, wear-resistant layer will not fall off. Suitable for vibration and impact of strong working conditions, worse than casting wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials.

3. Good temperature resistance

The hard alloy of composite wear-resistant liner has strong stability under high temperature. Composite wear-resistant liner can be used within 500℃, other special requirements can be customized, and can be used under the condition of 1200℃; ceramics, polyurethane, polymer materials and other wear-resistant materials can't meet such high temperature requirements.

4. Good connection performance

The base material of composite wear-resistant liner is ordinary Q235 steel plate, which ensures that the composite wear-resistant liner has toughness and plasticity and provides strength against external forces. It can be connected with other structures by welding, plug welding and bolting. Firm connection, not easy to fall off, more connection methods than other materials;

5. Good selection performance

Composite wear-resistant liner plate selects different thicknesses of base material, superimposed with different layer thicknesses of alloy wear-resistant layer, to get different thicknesses of steel plates for different purposes, the maximum thickness of which can be up to 30mm or more;

6. Good processing performance

Composite wear-resistant liner can be processed into different specifications and sizes according to the needs of processing, cold molding, welding, bending, etc., easy to use; can be welded on-site molding, maintenance and replacement work is time-saving and convenient, and the intensity of work is greatly reduced.

7. Good gender-price ratio

The price of composite wear-resistant liner is higher than ordinary materials, but considering the service life of the product, the comprehensive consideration of maintenance costs, spare parts costs and downtime losses, its performance-price ratio is much higher than ordinary steel plate and other materials.

Double-arch space surfacing wear-resistant liner structure is a new type of structure proposed by applying the design concept of large-span space structure combined with bionics. The structure has the advantages of large stiffness, steel saving, clear force transmission path and simple node design.

Calculations show that steel consumption is reduced by about 30% compared with ordinary gate structures. The company studied the double-arch structure on the basis of the completed double-arch steel tube gates. The origin of this structure was first discussed and the concept of double continuous arch space structure was introduced. Compared with the traditional solid web beam and common truss structure, the advantages of the double arch structure are demonstrated, and the application of the double arch space steel pipe structure in tidal flood gate is introduced.

Then, the parameters and shapes of the double-arch structure were optimized, including the number of arrangements, the double-arch line shape and the double-arch thick span ratio. The effects of load, end-span ratio, span and stringers were considered. Meanwhile, based on the optimization results, a searchable design table was established to provide the designer with a basis for preliminary design. In addition, the double-arch structure of the surfaced wear-resistant liner is introduced into the design of the flat plate gate and herringbone gate, and the parameters in the application are analyzed. The steel pipe structure has been widely used in space structure with its unique superior performance.



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