Popularize the application of hardfacing technology in mining industry

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Popularize the application of hardfacing technology in mining industry

China's mining industry is one of the leading industries of China's economy, in addition to the production of electric energy, it also consumes a lot of resources. How to improve the utilization rate of resources, increase the service life of machinery and equipment, and report the reuse of machinery and equipment is an important level for the media mining industry to improve the economic and social economic benefits in time. As the media mining industrial equipment works in the mine, its working environment is extreme, and the common faults of mechanical equipment often occur. The space in the inspection studio is narrow, and many of its components cannot be decomposed and repaired in the mine, which virtually improves the inspection difficulty coefficient of industrial equipment. Therefore, the low temperature plasma hardfacing reproduction technology is adopted in the media mining industry, It has unique practical significance to improve the surface characteristics of parts and increase the service life.

1. Slot in the center of scraper conveyor

Intermediate trough is very important for belt conveyor and conveyor in media mine. In the whole process of application, the middle groove is abraded by scraper and transmission chain and damaged by coal sand particles, and the surface without wear resistance is easily damaged by dent. Powder low-temperature plasma hardfacing is an excellent technology for cladding aluminum alloy with argon low-temperature plasma arc as high-temperature pyrogen and alloy powder as filler metal. It is a new type of surface hard backing method, which has the following characteristics:

(1) High productivity.

)2) The quality and process stability of surfacing layer are good.

(3) The surfacing process is pollution-free and automatic, which can realize mechanized and automatic operation and reduce labor intensity.

Because the strength of surfacing layer is higher than hrc58, there are a lot of chromium carbide hard phase in the surfacing layer, which has excellent wear resistance. The service life of the intermediate groove produced in this way is 3-5 times longer than that of the unsolved groove.

2. Hydraulic prop plunger

Hydraulic prop is a kind of weapon equipment with large demand in coal mine. As the key component of the whole equipment, the hydraulic cylinder piston pump is eroded by the natural environment and worn in operation. At present, laser cladding processing technology is used in hydraulic prop maintenance. Although the processing technology is better, the mechanical equipment is expensive, the maintenance is cumbersome, and the operation cost continues to rise.

3. Using powder low temperature plasma hardfacing technology to strengthen pick wear-resistant belt is a processing technology to improve pick life. The pick low-temperature plasma wear-resistant stack welding machine adopts an integral structure, which integrates the length diameter ratio of all low-temperature plasma surfacing processes into the automatic control system, so as to completely complete the practical operation of foolishness and improve the production efficiency.

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