Hardfacing overlay for grinding roller and grinding table

The surfacing welding can effectively repair the wear on the surface of the equipment, improve the service life and operation efficiency of the equipment, and improve production efficiency and product quality. It has the advantages of high flexibility, good economy and good repair effect. Widely used in steel, mining, electricity, cement, metallurgy, glass, building materials and other industries, for the maintenance and maintenance of important equipment is of great significance.

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As a professional enterprise of hard surfacing welding remanufacturing in China, Havel has rich experience in the manufacture, surfacing repair of vertical grinding roller/disk tile, slag/steel slag grinding roller/disk tile, coal grinding roller/disk tile, etc., as well as the surfacing welding manufacture of wear-resistant plate.
Havel grinding roller/disk tiles for Atox (Smith), Polysius (Burlessus), LM (Leche), UBE (UBE), MPS (Feva) and other companies, as well as HRM (Hefei Institute), TRM (Tianjin Institute), MLS (Shen Zhong), LGM (CITIC Heavy Industries), ZGM (Beijing Electric Power Equipment Factory), MPF (Shen Zhong), H P (upper weight), RP (upper weight), CLM (Great Wall Heavy Machine) and other types of mill roller/disk tile can achieve off-line surfacing welding remanufacturing.
The surfacing welding of roller disk has high hardness, wear performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. High hardness and wear resistance, can extend the service life; Good high temperature resistance, suitable for high temperature processing; Excellent corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh environments; Stable processing performance, can improve processing efficiency and product quality; Easy to install and replace, improve productivity.



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