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Sales service is an important part of the company's business activities. Service quality is a part of product quality, is the company's ability to guarantee quality, and is related to the company's image and reputation.

Sales service is an important part of the company's business activities. Service quality is a part of product quality, is the company's ability to guarantee quality, and is related to the company's image and reputation.
In order to strengthen the sales and service work, we specially made the following regulations on the sales and service management:
1. Pre-sale service: Pre-sale service refers to the relevant service (including technical consultation) before the user places an order;
The sales staff must understand the user’s requirements in detail before placing an order, and achieve 5W3H, such as: what product needs to be purchased, is it standard equipment or special equipment, some products and components adopt international standards, national standards or the company’s own standards. Any special requirements, etc., must be detailed and accurate. If necessary, please provide drawings and technical documents. If necessary, please ask technical personnel to participate.
Comprehensively understand the user's conditions, such as: kinetic energy supply (water, electricity, gas) capacity, whether there is experience in use, how to maintain power, etc.
According to the user's requirements and conditions, discuss the equipment selection plan with the user, truthfully introduce the company's product variety, performance, price, advantages, unique technology, etc., explain the samples to the user, visit and introduce our previous projects, Recommend the best cost-effective products, be responsible to the users, consider them for the sake of users, and assist users to choose the products with high performance, low price, best, and most in line with the requirements.
To further understand the other needs of users, such as: transportation methods, whether commissioning services and technical training are required, whether to order spare parts, etc., introduce the company's service items and product warranty regulations, and make promises to users to maximize user satisfaction. I feel that my consumer rights are fully guaranteed.
The pre-sales service personnel must do: enthusiasm, kindness, sincerity, and credibility, and never allow a cold attitude, technically evasive, and perfunctory to users.
2. On-sale service: On-sale refers to the service during the period from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the product to the user;
Business contracts, technical agreements and product quality assurance clauses must be detailed and accurate, and comply with the standards required by the contract and the company’s regulations. Contract review shall comply with relevant national standards and regulations.
Users who have pre-shipment acceptance requirements should be notified in time, actively assist users in testing and acceptance, and fully verify that the product conforms to the contract.
The storage and transportation of the products are finally confirmed in accordance with the quality standards of the country and the company to ensure that it is foolproof.
Guarantee the completeness, accuracy and validity of the complete set of products and technical documents and certificates.
Go through the formalities of acceptance and delivery, and keep the required records.
The sales service must be done: careful and thoughtful, safe and secure, and in compliance with specifications.
3.After-sales service: After-sales service refers to the delivery of the product to the site, the installation and commissioning service and the warranty service after being put into use;
The contract stipulates to solicit Party A’s opinions, and promptly dispatch installation and commissioning personnel or maintenance personnel to the site as required, and complete the tasks within the specified time.
User technical training must be fully prepared in advance, combining theory and practice to ensure the training effect.
Actively assist users in determining the installation plan, and preparatory work must be done to ensure the quality of the installation.
Carefully debug the equipment, compile the best procedures and specifications, so that the equipment can exert its best performance.
Explain to the user the safe use and maintenance precautions of the equipment, and the details of the vulnerable parts, so that the user can use the equipment and products handily, and ensure that the equipment is in the best technical state for a long time.
The product quality problems reported by users should be highly valued, a decision shall be made within 24 hours, and the user shall be answered without delay.
After-sales service must be done: respond quickly, be anxious to users, troubleshoot quickly, and ensure user production.
Visit customers regularly, listen to and adopt customer opinions and suggestions, improve quality and service, at least once a year.

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