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Choosing Hard-plate composite wear-resistant steel plates can bring you:

Choosing Hard-plate composite wear-resistant steel plates can bring you:
To improve economic benefits: improve equipment operation rate, reduce losses from shutdown and maintenance, increase production capacity, and increase benefits;
Reduce production costs: reduce the number of workers, benefit from a long-term investment, and cost-effective;
Improve the production environment: avoid dripping and dripping, which is good for environmental protection and cleanliness of the plant;
Protect the health of workers: reduce working hours in harsh environments, reduce high-altitude and narrow-space operations, and reduce work intensity;
Increase social benefits: greatly reduce the use of ordinary steel plate materials, and "make use of scientific and technological progress to create value for society".
How to choose Hard-plate wear-resistant products:
There are four types of bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plates
HP100 resistant to low-stress abrasive wear
HP200 resistant to low stress and medium impact abrasive wear
HP300 resistance to high temperature wear (600℃-1000℃)
HP400 strong impact resistant abrasive wear
Which model to choose should be analyzed according to the following content
Working condition analysis: wear form, surrounding environment, material parameters, mutual relationship, etc.;
Original data: materials used, service life, replacement time, etc.;
Customer expectations: life expectancy, cost planning, other needs, etc.;
Material selection principles: element analysis, high-quality principles, 
application principles, economic principles;
Product selection: bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate,
Vendor selection: professional level, price system, quality performance, specifications and models, service system, delivery cycle, industry certification, etc.;
Model selection: overall thickness, wear resistance thickness, deviation requirements, etc.;
Service selection: standard steel plate, processing by ruler, processing by drawing, on-site construction, etc.;
If you need assistance in model selection, please contact our sales or technical personnel.

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