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Cutting,Bending,Hole cutting,Welding,Plug welding,Bolt fixing,Surface processing

Cutting: Can take plasma cutter, carbon arc cutter and abrasive wheel saw to cut the large area plate of hard-plate to the required shape.


Bending: Havel hard faced wear resistant steel plate can be do the cold processing forming, and bending to the needed shape, such as arc and circle.  


Hole cutting: Can take the plasma cutter to cut the big hole, and EDM machine tool to cut the smaller hole. We suggest using plasma cutter or carbon arc cutter to process Counterbore hole.  


Welding: Havel hard-faced chromium carbide overlay plate’s base material is mild steel with good welding performance. When needing two plates to weld together, we can weld the base material plate together firstly, then using the hard-faced wear-resistant electrode to weld the joint of the surfacing layer to make it flat. The hard-faced chromium carbide overlay plate can also be welded together with other steel structure.


Plug welding: Firstly, using plasma cutter or carbon arc gouging to cut a hole on hard-plate chromium carbide overlay plate, and then connect with other steel structure by plug welding.


Bolt fixing: The bolt can be welded together with the base material of chromium carbide overlay plate by the method of the flash welding or the melt welding, and then connect with other parts;, also can cutting a hole on the chromium carbide overlay plate and connect with other work piece by bolt.


Surface processing: The surface of Havel hard-faced chromium carbide overlay plate usually no need to process, if need to process, the processing method is only limited to grind.


Application of welding rod and welding wire: we often need to use welding rods and welding wire to fill the install seam on site to strengthen and repair worn parts, etc.


 “Hard-plate” also supply hard-plate system wear resistant welding rods and welding wire.

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