Hardfacing structural parts

Wear-resistant surfacing welding structure is a product used to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of parts. It adopts surfacing welding technology to surfacing the surface of parts. Wear-resistant surfacing structural parts are widely used in mining machinery, cement machinery, coal machinery, metallurgical equipment and other fields, which can effectively improve the service life and work efficiency of equipment.

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High wear resistance: By surfacing welding technology, the wear-resistant alloy material is stacked on the matrix, which effectively improves the wear resistance of the structural parts and extends the service life.
Good weldability: wear-resistant surfacing structures can be welded with other metal materials for easy assembly and installation.
High strength: Due to the addition of wear-resistant alloy materials, wear-resistant surfacing structural parts have higher strength and can withstand larger working loads.
Corrosion resistance: wear-resistant surfacing structural parts have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh working environments.
Enhanced maintainability: The surfacing layer of wear-resistant surfacing structural parts can be repaired, reducing the cost of equipment replacement.



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