Wear parts of shield machine

The wear-resistant part of shield machine is a key part used in shield machine, which can provide wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant functions during shield operation. These wear-resistant parts are made of high-strength materials that are resistant to pressure, wear and high temperatures.

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Wear-resistant parts of shield machine are an important part for shield machinery and equipment, which are widely used in underground tunnels, subways, tunnels, pipelines, high-speed railways, water conservancy projects and other engineering projects. The surface of these wear-resistant parts is usually covered with a cemented carbide layer, which can effectively prevent the wear of the surface of the equipment, and has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. In order to ensure the effective operation of the shield machine, these wear-resistant parts need to undergo strict quality control and precision machining. In the process of use, regular maintenance and replacement are needed to maintain its normal operation and extend its service life, reduce equipment failure and maintenance costs, and improve the efficiency of shield construction.



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