Wear parts repair and manufacturing

Wear parts and repair, widely used in mechanical equipment and industrial production. It is made of chromium carbide material and has excellent wear resistance. The surface is specially treated to form a hard chromium carbide film, which improves the wear resistance. Mainly used for transmission and transmission power, common application fields include construction machinery, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, excavators, loaders and so on. It can withstand high speed, high load and strong impact force, suitable for harsh working environment.

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Wear-resistant parts are widely used in heavy equipment such as construction machinery, mining equipment and railway equipment. Due to long-term use or accidental damage, wear-resistant parts may suffer from wear, cracking, breakage and other problems, at which time it is necessary to repair or manufacture new parts. That is, a layer of chromium carbide wear-resistant material is surfacing on the surface of the damaged part, and then it is machined to restore the original shape and size. The repaired parts still have good wear resistance and can continue to be used. Whether it is repaired or manufactured wear-resistant parts, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of raw materials and the adjustment of process parameters to ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and wear-resistant properties. The repair and manufacturing technology of chromium carbide wear parts is mature and has been widely used in various fields.


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