Hardfacing pipelines and elbows

Wear-resistant pipe is wear-resistant pipe, wear-resistant pipe, mainly including wear-resistant straight pipe, elbow, tee, size head, square joint, reducer and other structural parts, is mainly used for air, pumping slurry and other abrasive material conveying pipe. Because the conveying medium generally has the characteristics of high hardness, fast flow rate and large flow rate, and the impact, wear, corrosion and other effects on the pipe wall continue for a long time in the conveying process, so that the pipe fatigue is gradually worn through, and the application of wear-resistant pipes solves this problem.

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The wear-resistant pipe is composed of wear-resistant substrate and wear-resistant layer, and the wear-resistant layer generally accounts for 1/3-2/3 of the total thickness of the pipe.
Between the wear-resistant layer and the substrate is metallurgical bonding, the wear-resistant layer will not fall off and can withstand greater impact;
Wear-resistant pipes are processed by wear-resistant steel rolling and direct surfacing welding in seamless pipes.
The performance of the wear-resistant layer formed by surfacing welding in the tube is the same as that of the wear-resistant steel plate.
Wear-resistant pipe connection method for flange connection and welding connection two methods;
Wear-resistant pipes can be processed into elbows, tees, round places, cone tables, square pipes, etc.


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